Technology at heart of organizations has a strategic role in increasing business performance and enabling continuous business transformation. Based on real-world experience gained in multinational financial industry and ongoing research in business technologies and trends, we provide deep knowledge and informed market view to our clients.

IT Strategic Planning and Execution

We work with you to evaluate current business and IT environment from perspective of management, operations, and technology to clarify potential opportunities for optimization. Tailored to your specific business needs, we enable you to develop creative and practical technology strategies that improve business performance and keep an edge on the competition.

Through application of project execution best practices, we are committed to maximize the return on IT-enabled investments for our clients.

IT Governance and Management

Successful execution of IT strategy requires a comprehensive IT governance and management. Based on years of IT management experience and by applying popular frameworks such as the leading CoBiT®, we help you with gaging and enhancement of your IT function.

Effective IT-enabled Investments


Strategic Solutions

    •  Electronic Banking
    •  eChannel products
    •  Business Intelligence and Analytics
    •  CRM and customer service optimization
    •  Business process optimization

IT Governance

    •  Assessing the current state
    • Enhancing IT functions and performance
    • Better alignment of IT strategies with business goals
    •  Monitoring IT-enabled investments

Business Transformation

    •  Establishing framework for continues innovation
    •  Management of business environment changes

Cost Management and Sourcing

    • Creating IT cost management and sourcing strategies that are aligned with business growth goals. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Enabling effective IT due diligence, planning, and implementation of IT integration.